So what is a slacker mom? Me. I lack balance in my life and something gets left out everyday. I slack at something either work, or house work or taking care of myself. I am trying to figure out how to do it all. Not in that super mom conquer the world type way, just how to have a comfortable life where the house isn't a disaster and I manage to get to work on time and actually stay focused on work.

So how does writing a blog help me do this? I need somewhere to be accountable to myself. A place to work out what I am trying, what is work and what isn't. Boring and self centered, probably. However it is cheaper than a therapist.

Are my expectations too unrealistic? As I type this my brand new cloth diapers for my 9 month old are in the wash. Am I crazy to try this with everything else I need to do? In the long run it will save us money if I don't become addicted to buying diapers. It is better for the environment and keeps icky chemicals off of baby X. We will see how it goes.