Well how am I doing so far. I have not posted weekly updates. I think Biweekly updates on my BIG goals and weekly updates on my "lists" seem fair.

1) Run a 5k before I am 29 years old - We started a new diet. Cut out processed foods, snacking on junk, and most sugar. I have lost 7 lbs in 10 days! Kind of amazing. The limiting sugar is really helping control my hunger at other times of day. Too much sugar makes me mean and grouchy like a toddler. Monday I went to the gym. I have a cold so it was very hard. But I did it. I am walking a 3k in March. I have a plan to work my way up to the distance by then.

2) Be more put together. -
Most days have been pretty good. I could look better. Today I felt horrible and have no makeup on. I still want to take time to do my nails, put lotion on....things like that. The diet has made my skin seem much happier.

3) To do housework every day for at least 15 minutes - this has not happened yet

4) To sleep more-
I don't need to watch 10 pm TV shows I need sleep....true, but Ugly Betty is on at 10.

5) To spend more time with B -
I am going to find some dry erase boards to write our schedule up so we know who is doing what when.

6) To be more focused and
diligent at work - Yesterday I was super focused and productive until after lunch. I need to find a way to keep that momentum going.

7) To explore faith -
currently reading Little Women, which has much stronger christian undertones than I remember. And reminds me to be more "ladylike". We are still planning on going to church, it is just something we dread with a rambunctious toddler.