30 days of cooking at home: Days 6,7 and 8

Day 6 - out to lunch we ended up spending WAY more at a sitdown restaurant than subway would have been. I have zero will power when B pouts. We did manage to eat BBQ at home again.

Day 7 - I have not been to the store in a week, we were running low and instead of having pancakes or eggs like I suggested B says "I'll clean the whole kitchen and then we will get chinese food" Like usual we get chinese food and the kitchen is still a MESS.

Day 8 - Tired of BBQ for 3 days in a row at one point or another we have Subway. It is healthier and cheaper than the other meals we have... but we still are not cooking at home! Tonight is Pancakes for dinner.

We have decided after reading a lot about it and having previously realized the benefits of the "dirt diet" to give up processed foods. Seriously nothing that comes in a box that has more than 5 ingredients, no sugar or white flour. It will be hard. We have done it before and actually had just started it when I got pregnant with X. So I started wondering if that is the secret ingredient to getting pregnant again. At any rate it can't hurt. So Friday B and I are taking off work and cooking, cooking, cooking. My plan is to have all the meat for our food precooked and frozen for later use. The thinking is if it is already done and all I have to do is throw in a pan or salad or on some rice and dinner is ready than our no processed food plan might work.
Obviously we will have some sugar on Thanksgiving, but we are going to see how well we can stick to it. I learned that triscuits fall in the 5 ingredient rule so having something a little indulgent/ carb like seems like this will appease me when I am eating salads for lunch.


30 days of cooking: Days 4 and 5

So this whole eating at home thing this weekend was a complete failure, Thai Food for lunch after running errands on Saturday, McDonald's for Dinner and Pizza for lunch on Saturday. Did anything get cooked? No, unless you count cereal. The house is a wreck.

I should have known better that having a huge project we should have had some cold cuts around or something easy to eat this weekend that was already made. The office IS painted. The color is beautiful. The big furniture was put pack in the room and the shelves hung up high. It looks great so far. I am going to try to add things in slowly so it isn't a giant heap, but a nice room, that is done. Hopefully we get the futon frame painted this week so it can go into the room next week.

B and I did nothing but argue, we seem to be on different wavelengths again. I know we need to dialogue, but neither of us seems to want to start it. I am not sure why. I have a lot of sad feelings I am dealing with and B complains that everything I talk about is negative.

So are we going to do better today, no we are going out for lunch. We are having Subway though because we both feel gross after all the junk we had this weekend.

One bright spot to the weekend, other than we did get a lot accomplished we had Movie night with X. It was so much fun. We watched Toy Story 3. He only payed attention to about half of it, but his reactions to parts of it were so funny. He was begging last night to watch a "moobie". I think it is something we should deffinately do once or twice a month.


30 days of cooking: Day 3 and weekend illusions of grandeur

SO on the heels of last nights failure hopefully I can manange to cook tonight. B is going to a basketball game. I personally would rather gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon than sit with 20,000 people at a game. So X and I are on our own. I am going to attempt to make us scrambled eggs sandwiches. "Samiches" as X calls them, the boy is obsessed with "samiches". I also hope to cook the pork loin that has failed to make it into the crockpot for 3 nights now. Then we will have yummy BBQ to eat this weekend.

As for other weekend plans. I have grand HGTV plans where we will get the entire office redone and turned into a guestroom/ office by sunday evening. I know better but I can't still help but fantasize about it. I also want to surprise B and get the first coat on the wall while he is at the game. I am not sure there are enough hours between bedtime and the end of the game to make that happen. We shall see.


30 days of cooking: Day 2

This day got off to a rocky start since we stopped for breakfast sandwiches on the way to work this AM. We were good and at least brought our own OJ with us. I am a little concerned about dinner tonight. I was supposed to cut up and brown the pork loin last night so we could put it into the crock pot for BBQ. I feel asleep and that didn't happen so my menu is off. I guess X and I will have eggs for dinner, actually a scrambled egg sandwich sounds really good right now.

We are also planning on painting the office/ guest room and turn it into a functional guest room/ scrapbook haven, I mean office for B to study in. I really need to work on getting that room cleaned out tonight. I currently have no motivation. Hopefully when I get home I will have more energy.

Update: Last night was an EPIC FAILURE in the form of domino's pizza. Yeah I pretty much suck. Though I did discover that X will sit still if you hand him a whole apple to eat. He thinks he is big stuff sitting and eating an apple.

Day 1

For Day 1 of lets cook at home I succeeded. We had what I call "pasta toss" Which is bits of things I have left over in the fridge chicken, red peppers and a couple slices of bacon. I mix everything up with some pasta and sprinkle with some parmesean cheese. We had a salad and Snow peas and carrots, apparently the big boy AND the little boy love cooked carrots. I was so proud of myself our plates were half vegetable, they looked so healthy and colorful!
Now I will admit B picked up blizzards later last night, but it was so good.


30 days of cooking at home.

In yet again another spastic atempt to challenge myself, keep myself accountable and save money I am going to try to cook meals at home for the next 30 days. Which is perfect, because December 3, the day the 30 days will end is the same night as our Christmas Party at work which will be a really nice meal out.

This is going to be HARD. B and I both are really excellent at talking each other into things, like chinesse food or french fries, things that making them at home isn't quite the same. I am also going to try to spend as little as possible at the grocery store, though with Thanksgiving and good holiday sales I may take the opportunity to stock up. Last night was a good example of this I spent $80, but I bought MANY things at the lowest prices I am going to find them .50 cent canned fruit, 0.79 deoderant (yep I'm proud of that one.) I am a little allarmed at the rate with which we go through bananas, at least they are cheap.

I am going to try to prep ahead of time as much as possible so we can eat when we get home. We have a few busy weeks ahead of us so having dinner ready to go when we get home is the best way to ensure we actually EAT what was on the menu. I have a few noodle bowls and a frozen pizza for when we get stuck so I hope that I can actually stick to something for a change.