New Years approaches and so do new goals.

Every December the approach of the new year makes people reflect and focus on new goals. I have many things I want to accomplish, just look at my past posts for everything I want to change about myself and my life.
This new year we have some interesting changes coming. Changes I am sure will cause a few challenges. The in-laws are moving to town. Literally, right behind us....as in we can see there town house from our kitchen window. Crazy? Yes, I might be. MIL wants to watch X full time. That will be a significant reduction in our daycare expenses, but at what cost? I am currently taking a "we will see" approach to all of this.

As for myself I have so much I want to accomplish. Small picture, this week I would like to:
1) do all laundry
2) find the kitchen table
3)soak/ wash diapers
4)Re-arrange living room. Want something a little different
5) come up with a budget for 2010
6) write thank you notes for Christmas gifts
7) make cake balls for family gathering
8) make veggie pizza for family gathering
9) make homemade mac n' cheese for guests this week
10) Put away X's toys, divide for Mil's place
11) Build X's play kitchen
12) Arrange and secure furniture to the wall in X's bedroom
13) Put away Christmas decorations
14) dust
15) paint nails
Yes, it is an ambitious list. I hope to keep track of all that i accomplish.

As for the year, my goals are understandably larger. The biggest of which is # 1.
1) Run a 5k before I am 29 years old - I am tired of being fat. I hate running, detest it and sweating but I want to know if it is possible to do it so we shall see.
2) Be more put together. - I am still tired of my frumpy look. the hair cut helped some. My goal for January is to wear different earrings everyday.
3) To do housework every day for at least 15 minutes
4) To sleep more- I don't need to watch 10 pm TV shows I need sleep
5) To spend more time with B - we need to communicate better, work toward common goals and take joy in each other and take the time to appreciate what each of us have to offer.
6) To be more focused and diligent at work - I think it will make me feel better about myself and dread work less
7) To explore faith - be it attending church or reading books that make me think

I hope to post much more regularly, so I can keep myself accountable.