As I was sitting outside this AM eating breakfast because it was so unbearably hot in our sauna, I mean house with a broken AC. I Enjoyed the cooler air and heard the birds chirp as the sun was streaming through the trees. I swear I could see some vapor rising out of the grass as the sun warmed the damp blades. It made me stop an be thankful, for all that I have. I am where I always wanted to be.
So many times in my life I would get frustrated because I knew the goal, but I could not see how we were ever going to get there. I remember wanting a baby and not being entirely sure if we could afford it and feeling like I had to choose between a baby and buying a house. Well we had a baby and then bought a house. Honestly 2 years ago when I was pregnant if anyone had ever told me we would have been able to buy a house when X was 5 months old I would have thought they were crazy; at that point I was wondering how we were going to manage daycare. We have lived in that house for over a year now and sometimes it is frustrating. It is also nice to realize that it is OURS. To paint and re-do and unfortunately repair when it breaks. So in 2 years we have managed to accomplish 2 of our goals and bought a car too. I am thankful for those things. I am also thankful that MIL watches DS for us. This has freed up money we would have been spending on daycare to allow us to be in a better place. Yes the A/c breaking is not great, but the impact something that was THAT expensive having on us 2 or 3 years ago and now is different. I know that we can pay for it. It is nice to be in that place. My future goal is to be in a place where not only can we afford a repair like that, but we can afford to do it in cash. That will be the day I will know we have made it. Like usual, that is in our future, and I can't fully see how to get there.
I need to be grateful for what I have more often, instead of trying to see ahead to the next thing.
What am I grateful for today?
*X said his longest sentence so far "Hi, I Sees Mama!"
*We have a house and a car and everything we need, and also many things we want
*The tiny boy of mine who climbs in our bed every morning with enthusiasm, giggles and "tisses"

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