Cloth Diapers- Round 1

So we tried cloth diapering over the last week with mixed results. The first attempt resulted in a very nasty rash. I have still yet to determine if it was caused by the detergent or the wetness. I have a feeling that the Tide didn't get rinsed out. We used them again on Saturday, even though we were at home visiting family. It was really pretty easy. I am in love with the Gro- Baby diapers. They are awesome, though I wish they came in more colors. I did find some new ways to fold the pre-fold diapers that I am itching to try. Sunday X ended up with another rash. The reason I think that it is detergent related is my in-laws washer wasn't spinning properly....so the detergent probably didn't get rinsed out thoroughly. I still need to get a wash routine down. Tonight is the first night in cloth. It is a fuzzi bunz one size. I put 2 inserts in it. His little bum is HUGE in that diaper, so hopefully that means he will stay dry. It is adorable on him.

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