Diaper Update, Goodbye old daycare and weekend plans.

So the Fuzzi Bunz diaper worked great overnight. It did make his bum look like a giant marshmallow, but he stayed dry, even when he joined us in bed to eat at 2:30 AM. We are home with a cold today and using cloth again. I discovered the twist fold and it has made using the pre-folds so much easier.

B took baby X to the daycare today with cards and some homemade blueberry muffins. We are leaving for a number of reasons, but I still am grateful that they did a decent job watching X most of the time. The new daycare has a 1:4 ratio and is about a 10-15 minute walk from work for both B and myself. The thought that I could go and nurse him at lunch once a week, or could go over and volunteer in his class or have lunch with him is awesome. I really think having him so close will make a huge difference. I feel like I spend so little time with him during the week.

So what do I need to do this weekend: clean the house, I really want to get the office put in order so maybe I can work on X's scrapbook. I haven't finished a page in it since he was about 2 months old.

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