Memories from a year ago...

As it gets closer to X's birthday I keep thinking about last year. At this point I was SO pregnant, uncomfortable, swollen and tired. I was very impatient. I had my Doctors appointment and found I was dilated to 4cm and 75-80% effaced. It seemed like anytime the baby could be born. The week before my due date was the hardest at work because people kept acting surprised that I was still there and pregnant. I remember the sweet old couple in the apartment next to us ran into us on Sunday and it was the first time she realized I was expecting. Mrs. F mentioned it, then seemed very surprised when I told her I was due in 3 days!

The 25th was a Monday and I had given up hope that he would be born without an induction. I never let myself hope he would be born before Friday. So when my water broke that night I was a little surprised.

Remembering all of this makes me want another baby SO much. The excitement and joy of it all. But now I know what labor is like, there is so much less unknown so maybe it would be less stressful in that regard. Honestly if we had the money for daycare I would definitely be considering getting pregnant again. Which seems insane since I am so tired all of the time and cant seem to get my life together with one kid. But things don't feel complete. I really want another baby and I really wish I could have one sooner than later

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