Slacker mommy strikes again.

And here I am again in the endless cycle of the house is sort of clean and then we "relax" for a week and it is not exactly a disaster, but I feel like I could have made so much more progress, but instead have "veg-ed" all week.
Sunday we had a super bowl party. I made amazing food and wish I had thought to take pictures. I made buffalo wing dip, veggie pizza, pizza bites, brownies and lemon bars. Everyone seemed to have a good time, ate plenty of yummy food and enjoyed themselves. X behaved and went to bed like a champ. The pizza bites were from a blog I love to look at called "Annie's Eats" though the dough was seriously runny when I made it they still came out awesome and I had no leftovers from the double batch. So Sunday night I felt like I pretty much had it together. The house looked nice we had a good time....it was like we were (gasp) grown ups!

Now upon closer inspection you would see the clean house had a bedroom with a heap of clothing (that is STILL there 4 days later) and an office that is a serious mish mash of junk and things that used to live under the futon, which B removed from the house with little regard as to where guests will sleep. We have spent days eating junk and take out and doing nothing. We have ignored the dishes in the sink and the diapers piling up in the laundry room. I have been battling ammonia issues with the diapers, but it is my own doing I should wash them more often. Though since MIL is now watching DS we can send him in more complicated diapers and it extends the number of days we can go between washes, which is bad.

It is the same problem I always have. I KNOW what needs to be done. I chose not to do it. I ignore what needs taken care of. I procrastinate. I tell myself "I deserve" a break or a treat. I know B struggles with the same issues, and he has school work on top of it. I don't think it is a matter of not having enough time. I think we feel like we don't have enough time so we put things off, when in reality they would take a lot less time than we think. We put off what we NEED to do and then never get around to having time to do what we want to do.

The list of things I want to do is endless, and perhaps another post.

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