Vacation day

Took a vacation day today. The sad thing is I took time off to clean the house and cook. We are going back to A town tomorrow and I really would love to have the house in order and the fridge and freezer full of food that will make our meals next week easy. currently I am lacking motivation. I have cooked some sweet potatoes and chopped them up and put them in the freezer. The dishwasher just finished, just 2-3 more loads to go. My goal for today is to get the house and kitchen really clean to surprise B. He is going to an art gallery opening this evening in Cincy so I have untill 10 or 11 tonight to get everything done. Mr. X is with his "granny-nanny". Maybe today we will take him somewhere to play this afternoon and run off some energy, plus MIL has to be going a bit stir crazy with all the snow and ice lately.

So what do I hope to accomplish today. It is already 12:30 and I am going out with X and MIL at 3. So I have 2 hours, when I consider it will take 30 to get ready to go out.

Put X's clothing away, pick up his room -done
Clean the bathroom counter - done
Clean off the Kichen table -sort of
Hang my clothing in office - done

I think that is a good todo list for now. Later I will see what I accomplish and my plans for this evening.

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