Why can't things that I need to get done be done. Why can't B do what needs to be done. I spent all day Saturday cooking lots of food to freeze and make life easier. I got sick on Sunday and he took care of X. It is Wednesday now and the kitchen is still FILTHY. IT SMELLS. And honestly I feel like it should not be my responsibility. B is supposed to do dishes. I am so upset about it I am still awake at 1:30 am. I have to get up for work in 4 hours. My sister is coming on Friday. Every night I expect him to help around the house he is either so absorbed in the TV I cant even get him to answer a question or he falls asleep and is so out of it I can not get him to wake up.

I know he does a lot. He gets up and gets things going in the AM. He makes our lunches and most of the time gets the wee one ready for the day. He does the yard work, but really it is about once every 3 weeks. I pay the bills, plan the budget, make a menu, grocery shop, wash diapers. I am the only one that comes up with and chops up all of X's food.

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