Update - 2 busy weekends, not as much accomplished as I would like, but we had some lovely weather and the Grandparents had quick visits last week. Still lacking motivation, then I get down on myself for not being MORE motivated!

So here is what I have done
1) Dust - house is very dusty...
2) Vacuum - and I mean really nook and cranny vacuum
3) Try on everything in closet, take pictures of out fits so I can remember what I have to wear
4) clean office
5) wash sheets
6) find pretty fabric and cover chair in bedroom
7) hang letters and pictures in X's room
8) pack away car seat and exersaucer
9) look in shed for fall wreath and grey sweater coat
10) make homemade bread
11) Clean out hall closet so it can be use full
12) pull weights out of shed
13) Can we rearrange office in a better way?
14) clean car
15) buy touch up paint for car's scratch, repair
16) clean kitchen table off
17) organize kitchen drawers
18) pack up baby bottles
19) clean bathroom cabinets
20) go through magazines
21) art display of some type for X's "artwork"
22) make baked potatoes--sounds really good!

So 7.5 out of 22. I could do better. We are debating going home this weekend. A trip I dread, we just try and cram SO much into 36 hours that it is not relaxing and leaves me so stressed out and feeling behind for the start of the work week. On top of all that the time changes this weekend and adjusting X's schedule has not been going so well. Monday night he did great and was happy and playing until nearly 7:30 and in bed by 7:40. Last night he fell asleep while nursing at 7. I suppose all we can do is try our best and grin and bear it next week when he is trying to fall asleep at 6.

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