Where I am and where I am going.

I wanted to check in on how I am doing on those goals I had in August.

1) I want to be organized and put together. Both at home and work. Currently the house is a disaster, my desk at work is a mess and I look like a 45 year old woman, and I am not quite 28.

I feel much more put together lately. I bought some new clothing, cut my hair very short....it is really cute, and spent some money on some skin care stuff that will hopefully clear my icky skin up. I am trying to be more organized by planning ahead. I have check lists, the menu and a list of goals online as well as many things on my iPod. I am physically feeling better. After September, even after a stomach bug and mastitis I have bounced back quicker than I would have earlier in the year. I am also hopping the mega doses of vitamin D I am taking will help my energy continue to return

2) I want to be able to focus on what I am doing not worrying about every other task in my head. Sitting and writing this is hard because I have 10 other ideas of things I want to do.

I still need to be more mindful as I do things. I need to remember to write the random thoughts down and process them later

3) I want to improve myself. Not only be more put together and look better, but to put time into what I enjoy. I would like to explore my faith/ beliefs, work on scrapbooks, get back into cooking, and maybe find some type of exercise that makes me have more energy

In the last 3 weekends I spent 2 cooking. I have not cooked so much in a very long time. It is satisfying to think my freezer is full of yummy things for winter nights. Something about the fall weather encourages me to cook. We joined a gym, and hopefully I get up the nerve to go tonight. I also finally got off the waiting list and into a playgroup that seems very active. I have only been to one event, but I am really trying to get out of myself and meet new people.

4) I want to save more, spend less and not feel deprived. I am trying very hard to reduce our frivolous spending so we can pay off bills and live the life we want. I really need to sit down with B and discuss this with him.

B and I have discussed finances, but we have had difficulty putting what we discussed into actions. We are going to try cutting back on groceries and unnecessary spending. We have a few things looming though. The University forgot to withhold city taxes on B for the last few year so they are coming out of our check. The payroll tax break may end up hurting us in the long run, we may owe as much as $1000 on our taxes this year.

5) I want to be more on the ball at work. I lack focus and tend to get side tracked. Luckily due to some situations at work, things are slow. I feel like I am just sliding by. Needing to find a new job may still be a very real possibility in the next year. I have slacked since getting pregnant. Perhaps feeling accomplished at work will give me the energy I need to stay motivated in the evenings.

The desk is sort of clear. My motivation is still lacking, in part because work is this very weird limbo place right now. I am trying to accomplish 3 things a day, so far no luck.

6) B and I need to find time for each other.

This is a must. We really haven't spent a lot of time together. I was a little hurt last weekend. My mom was visiting and offered to watch X while we went out, B never seemed interested in going out with me unless I wanted to watch a horribly gory and bloody movie. We need to get a baby sitter sometime, but that is another expense I don't want to deal with right now.

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