Pantry and No Spend month.

In an endeavor to save as much as possible May will be eat out of the pantry and no spending month. And since we need every penny we are starting today, 5 days before May.

So I will post spending and meals Every day for the next 36 days. I can't spend absolutely nothing. Mother's day is this month. I will make dinner for MIL. And I will think of something to do for my mom. Also I am making dinner for a playgroup mom on Sunday. I am about 99% sure the only expense will be a package of chicken breast and containers to deliver the meal in, and B,X and I will get dinner from that meal as well. The last known expense will be toilet paper and tampons...they are necessary but should come in under $10. I imagine $50 to be the minimum to spend this month. Wouldn't it be incredible if I could keep it to $100 MAX.

So Meals today
Breakfast - cereal, milk. We are going to have to use oatmeal because the cereal will not last long
Lunch- BBQ for me Leftovers for B.
Dinner - B will have BBQ before class. X and I will have Tacos. I will add a can of black beans to the taco meat to stretch it out so it will last for an extra meal!

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