Long time No update.

It's been a few weeks. B and I are still trying our lists. The tasks on them have not all gotten accomplished, but for the most part there has been less arguing over who needs to do what, which is nice. It will take time to get used to things. Hopefully by June we will have it all worked out.

On the baby #2 front, I have no news to report.....yet. We decided to go ahead and try this month since I was on an antibiotic and there was no point in taking the pill while on medicine that would essentially negate its effects this month. I am impatient to find out, so impatient I ordered some very inexpensive tests online so I can test everyday from now until Sunday! Crazy, probably. I tell myself that I shouldn't get too excited there is so much working against us. 1)how likely is it that it works on the first try AGAIN 2)I'm nursing still 3) B's medicine may make him temporarily sterile, obviously last time that wasn't the case.
I feel like I will be a little disappointing if it doesn't happen because a Christmas baby would be fun. But I also feel that if it doesn't happen then it isn't the right time for us and I can take the next few months to focus on eating better and exercising and loosing some weight and we can try again in July/ August.

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