My head is too full.....

....of random thoughts. I flit from one idea to the next. There are So many projects I keep coming up with. I think a fence might be affordable if we do it ourselves. We need to measure the back yard. Then I keep finding tables and umbrella sets I want. I am excited there was a really nice table at Lowe's for $88, though the chairs are a bit high and we would have to slowly buy those. There is one at target for $60 with more affordable chairs...but I am not sure I love the glass top. The Lowes table is iron mesh so water flows through it. We have also debated putting up a few fence panels along the drive way patio area for privacy sake and then putting a whole fence in next year. I am not sure what the best solution is. I know we need to do something out back to define the "patio" area so we have somewhere to put a table and chairs. I bought some spray paint for the mailbox. Hopefully it is dry next Saturday. The plan is to clean the box Saturday morning then after the mail comes take it off and paint it. If the paint works it will look awesome.... it is supposed to look like hammered copper. I may try the light before I try the mail box if I get the chance. The shed needs to get cleaned out and organized at some point too, but that can wait on the rest of the houses. B plans to remove and re mulch the flower bed out front. I really want to plant a tree in the yard once the stump is removed AND azaleas on the back hill...and day lillys. Mom might have some she can thin out for me

My list from this weeked
1) Dust
2) Vacuum the rest of the house
3)Wash sheets
5)Plan Menu for the week
6)Clear out junk in office
7)Organize cabinets in kitchen: food cabinet, under sink and the drawers.

So I am a little obsessed with Apartment Therapy. I have decide to participate in their 8 week home Cure. That being said I have MANY project I want to accomplish by the end of the 8 weeks to make the house a nicer, happier and more functional place to live.

Here is what I would like to accomplish by room:
LIVING ROOM: Clean under all furniture, De-clutter bookcases, reorganize closet, clean baseboards and scuffs off walls, and Hang curtains higher.

KITCHEN: clean and keep clean, organize pantry, organize cabinets and drawers. Perhaps install pull out drawers in the under sink cabinet to give easier access. I also would love to put some colorful paper in the back of a few cabinets.

LAUNDRY - Need to balance washer and dryer, organize the cabinets, sweep laundry detergent off the floor, wipe out washer, clean lint under dryer and on exhaust tube. I would like to find a cart that would fit between to washer and dryer.

X's ROOM - eventually we will swap his room with the office so baby #2 (still in the planning phase now) will have space to scare with him. I need to clean his closet, put away some old clothing and also had thought about painting/ papering his bookcase for a pop of color.

OFFICE - clean, clean, clean.

BEDROOM - We would like to add a wardrobe of some sort just trying to figure out what would look best, as well as what to do with the bookcases if we do.

BATHROOM - Re- caulk the tub, clean, wash shower curtain, more curtain rod...maybe buy new shower curtain.

OTHER: Paint mailbox, plant flowers, paint light, touch up trim paint, clean windows, clean scuffs on wall.

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