Maybe baby?

After a pregnancy scare...scare is the wrong word because I was okay with the prospect last month, baby #2 has seriously been on my and B's minds. The plan was to either wait until August or September to try and get a may or June baby or wait until February/March to try for a December-ish baby. Somehow today we got talking about trying for a this Christmas baby?!!?!?! I don't hate the idea. Though this all started with me feeling overwhelmed with being a mom. I am just tired. I feel like I have been "on" for 18 months. And the days I wasn't I was too sick to care. So why in the world am I know contemplating a baby 6 to 12 months sooner than the original plan? I want to be able to go on vacation, hopefully to a beach. If we had a baby this year then by next June I would have enough vacation days to take and a 6 month old that still is easy to travel with. We have been waiting to go until X was easier to travel with, able to go and not eat the sand. But if we wait and have a 2011 spring baby we are at least a year from going to the beach and then we would have to take a 1 year old and a nearly 4 year old. Not sure how that would work.

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