Weekend Update

So what did I manage to accomplish on my todo list this weekend.

1)Closet Re-Organizing - DONE, for the most part. I have to see how it all works and how functional it is, but there is space leftover, which is always a good feeling.
2)Move Bed - DONE, it feels so much more open I can't wait to sleep in there tonight.
3) Organize pantry. To Do. I did stock up on things so I hope to get to it this week so I can put my 7 boxes of cereal and 24 cans of fruit and veggies away
4) 3K It rained, and we are fat and lazy.
5)IKEA - It was a mildly disappointing trip. We decided we don't like most of the couches we were thinking about. We have a few plans for some projects (more closet storage..yay!)
6) Make Bread. Not enough time
7) Make some food to freeze. Pumpkin pancakes are my current plan. They are yummy and a bit more dense than your average pancake...and they are lower in fat that regular pancakes and contain a vegetable... how can you beat that!
8) Watch a movie with B. Yes, we saw "Whip It" It was cute
9) caulk the d*%& tub! No, I don't want to talk about it right now.
10) Convince B to crawl under the house and change the furnace filter. I resorted to bribery, but have yet to see results.

So not the most productive weekend ever. Ikea took most of yesterday. We still are up in the air about a new couch and what the biggest priority is. Is a chaise, the price, the look or a sleeper sofa the most important thing to us? I am not sure.
Tomorrow is Monday. I guess I need to get my act together and get stuff ready.

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