So far so good.

Well so far things are going pretty well. The kitchen is a bit of a mess while we still define the rules of our whole new division of labor plan. Menu wise we have done pretty well. Knowing we were eating out mid week has made things easier and resulted in a yummy lunch for me today since I was busy cutting up X's food to eat and in reality was full from bread and the appetizer we shared.

I think we will have to change the menu up a hair and do pizza on Friday since we are out of tortillas for fish tacos and I want to avoid shopping for more than fruit, spinach and eggs if possible this week.
Saturday is the 3K and it is supposed to rain. I am not sure what my feelings are about that. On one hand I want to see if I can do it, but on the other hand I don't want to keel over, though I don't think I will. We also have plans to go to Ikea this weekend. Not for a giant shopping trip, but more to scope things out and help us formulate a plan for the house. the trick will be getting out of there without spending too much money.

Parts of the house are really irritating me lately. The office is a mess. I may have mentioned before it looks like something from a show about Hoarders. The problem is that is used to have a futon in it that many things were stored under (suitcases, weights etc.) Without the futon if just looks like we have a room full of junk. What I would like to do is clean out the bottom of the hall closet and store them there. Currently the toolbox lives in that closet so we need to find space for that to go as well. We put an old bookshelf in the bottom of the closet for extra storage, but really with the toolbox there is it not very easy to get to. I think the best thing to do would be to move the toolbox up to the shelf. And then put the plastic drawer on that shelf on the floor, perhaps with another plastic drawer that is in X's closet. My only question is will I need to take the bookcase out or will I need to remove or turn it to get into the plastic drawers. He drawers are nice and flat and out luggage will sit nicely on them. If we keep the bookcase the shelves would be a good place to put all of the extra soap and toothpaste since they are accessed much more infrequently than the toolbox.

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