30 days of cooking at home: Days 6,7 and 8

Day 6 - out to lunch we ended up spending WAY more at a sitdown restaurant than subway would have been. I have zero will power when B pouts. We did manage to eat BBQ at home again.

Day 7 - I have not been to the store in a week, we were running low and instead of having pancakes or eggs like I suggested B says "I'll clean the whole kitchen and then we will get chinese food" Like usual we get chinese food and the kitchen is still a MESS.

Day 8 - Tired of BBQ for 3 days in a row at one point or another we have Subway. It is healthier and cheaper than the other meals we have... but we still are not cooking at home! Tonight is Pancakes for dinner.

We have decided after reading a lot about it and having previously realized the benefits of the "dirt diet" to give up processed foods. Seriously nothing that comes in a box that has more than 5 ingredients, no sugar or white flour. It will be hard. We have done it before and actually had just started it when I got pregnant with X. So I started wondering if that is the secret ingredient to getting pregnant again. At any rate it can't hurt. So Friday B and I are taking off work and cooking, cooking, cooking. My plan is to have all the meat for our food precooked and frozen for later use. The thinking is if it is already done and all I have to do is throw in a pan or salad or on some rice and dinner is ready than our no processed food plan might work.
Obviously we will have some sugar on Thanksgiving, but we are going to see how well we can stick to it. I learned that triscuits fall in the 5 ingredient rule so having something a little indulgent/ carb like seems like this will appease me when I am eating salads for lunch.

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