30 days of cooking: Day 2

This day got off to a rocky start since we stopped for breakfast sandwiches on the way to work this AM. We were good and at least brought our own OJ with us. I am a little concerned about dinner tonight. I was supposed to cut up and brown the pork loin last night so we could put it into the crock pot for BBQ. I feel asleep and that didn't happen so my menu is off. I guess X and I will have eggs for dinner, actually a scrambled egg sandwich sounds really good right now.

We are also planning on painting the office/ guest room and turn it into a functional guest room/ scrapbook haven, I mean office for B to study in. I really need to work on getting that room cleaned out tonight. I currently have no motivation. Hopefully when I get home I will have more energy.

Update: Last night was an EPIC FAILURE in the form of domino's pizza. Yeah I pretty much suck. Though I did discover that X will sit still if you hand him a whole apple to eat. He thinks he is big stuff sitting and eating an apple.

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