30 days of cooking: Day 3 and weekend illusions of grandeur

SO on the heels of last nights failure hopefully I can manange to cook tonight. B is going to a basketball game. I personally would rather gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon than sit with 20,000 people at a game. So X and I are on our own. I am going to attempt to make us scrambled eggs sandwiches. "Samiches" as X calls them, the boy is obsessed with "samiches". I also hope to cook the pork loin that has failed to make it into the crockpot for 3 nights now. Then we will have yummy BBQ to eat this weekend.

As for other weekend plans. I have grand HGTV plans where we will get the entire office redone and turned into a guestroom/ office by sunday evening. I know better but I can't still help but fantasize about it. I also want to surprise B and get the first coat on the wall while he is at the game. I am not sure there are enough hours between bedtime and the end of the game to make that happen. We shall see.

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