30 days of cooking: Days 4 and 5

So this whole eating at home thing this weekend was a complete failure, Thai Food for lunch after running errands on Saturday, McDonald's for Dinner and Pizza for lunch on Saturday. Did anything get cooked? No, unless you count cereal. The house is a wreck.

I should have known better that having a huge project we should have had some cold cuts around or something easy to eat this weekend that was already made. The office IS painted. The color is beautiful. The big furniture was put pack in the room and the shelves hung up high. It looks great so far. I am going to try to add things in slowly so it isn't a giant heap, but a nice room, that is done. Hopefully we get the futon frame painted this week so it can go into the room next week.

B and I did nothing but argue, we seem to be on different wavelengths again. I know we need to dialogue, but neither of us seems to want to start it. I am not sure why. I have a lot of sad feelings I am dealing with and B complains that everything I talk about is negative.

So are we going to do better today, no we are going out for lunch. We are having Subway though because we both feel gross after all the junk we had this weekend.

One bright spot to the weekend, other than we did get a lot accomplished we had Movie night with X. It was so much fun. We watched Toy Story 3. He only payed attention to about half of it, but his reactions to parts of it were so funny. He was begging last night to watch a "moobie". I think it is something we should deffinately do once or twice a month.

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