30 days of cooking at home.

In yet again another spastic atempt to challenge myself, keep myself accountable and save money I am going to try to cook meals at home for the next 30 days. Which is perfect, because December 3, the day the 30 days will end is the same night as our Christmas Party at work which will be a really nice meal out.

This is going to be HARD. B and I both are really excellent at talking each other into things, like chinesse food or french fries, things that making them at home isn't quite the same. I am also going to try to spend as little as possible at the grocery store, though with Thanksgiving and good holiday sales I may take the opportunity to stock up. Last night was a good example of this I spent $80, but I bought MANY things at the lowest prices I am going to find them .50 cent canned fruit, 0.79 deoderant (yep I'm proud of that one.) I am a little allarmed at the rate with which we go through bananas, at least they are cheap.

I am going to try to prep ahead of time as much as possible so we can eat when we get home. We have a few busy weeks ahead of us so having dinner ready to go when we get home is the best way to ensure we actually EAT what was on the menu. I have a few noodle bowls and a frozen pizza for when we get stuck so I hope that I can actually stick to something for a change.

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